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Bright futures for challenging children

Welcome to Heart Lifting Solutions

Are you a parent searching for ways to help your child? Have you tried other solutions and nothing has worked?
Is your child’s behavior damaging relationships in your family?

Are you an educator struggling to support learners in classrooms that include students who escalate and misbehave
at a level that interferes and stops student learning?

Are you concerned that anxiety or a low sense of self-worth is hurting a child’s ability to connect and be successful?

What We Do

Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, we train parents, caregivers, educators and treatment professionals in the Nurtured Heart Approach®

Our mission is to enable YOU to transform intense, challenging children into the successful, caring people we know they can be.

What is the Nurtured Heart Approach?

The Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) is a strength-based approach that uses 3 Stands to empower children to use their intensity in positive ways. It includes strategies that will teach you to see, verbalize, and create success for any child even during escalations and misbehaviors.

STAND 1 Refusal to Energize What’s Going Wrong
STAND 2 Relentless Energy to the Creation of Success
STAND 3 Absolutely Clear Consequences and Limit Setting

NHA will help turn your classroom and home into a place of connection and belonging. Escalations decrease and misbehaviors begin to melt away as success with NHA grows. You will leave a Nurtured Heart Approach workshop with the confidence and skills to begin approaching parenting and classroom behavior in a hopeful way from a lens of success.


All children can have a bright future and we believe in your ability to foster that.

Does it work?

Read about individual experiences implementing the approach…

Both Carolyn and the NHA approach are uplifting and inspiring!  The NHA approach is something you add to the tool box that you already have.  It is using the skills and the expertise you already have but with a positive twist.  NHA trains us to look at the positive in all situations to encourage the children we work with, with what they can do! It also help us to identify their lagging skills so that we can assist them moving forward.  NHA is a positive mindset that helps you to move forward and celebrate all successes no matter how big or small they are!!

Educational Assistant

The Nurtured Heart Approach is truly transformative!  As a teacher who has been in the field of education for over 20 years, I have never participated in professional learning about self-regulation that genuinely made a difference for my students.  The Nurtured Heart Approach doesn’t give you a list of strategies. It gave me a set of principles that helped me understand the importance of relationship and how my relationship with a child can transform him/her when you see and recognize the inner greatness.  Last year was one of the hardest years of my career, and the NHA turned it around.  Children went from hitting, swearing, punching, kicking- to affirming, validating, and caring for each other. It was quite remarkable! I sincerely thank Carolyn and Kristina for their training.  Even though I read the book, their sessions gave me the guidance I needed to embrace the three-stands of NHA.  They put me on the path to transform my relationships with my students, and I’m forever grateful. 

Primary Teacher

I have been singing the praises of NHA since my training last fall.  NHA gave me the tools to not only transform the students in my (out of control primary) class but also helped me rebuild my relationship with my sixteen-year-old.  I am truly grateful!

Grade 1/2 Teacher

I’ve always known that kind words are well received and promote well-being, and that harping on the negative gets you nowhere.  The Nurtured Heart Approach took that a step further by encouraging me to celebrate all day every day the good that people do, and to watch them sit taller and beam whenever I recognized them.

Primary Teacher

NHA has greatly enhanced connections and relationships between all staff members, between students and staff, and between students! Students are better able to recognize their strengths and the strengths of others!  Our school has seen remarkable changes in behaviour for the positive! 


NHA allowed me to approach children with a completely different attitude. Instead of getting frustrated and escalating situations, I am learning to be calm, recognize the child’s perspective and build their self-esteem and self-confidence. I am a better teacher because I now strive to see their greatness first and then work on the need! After 30 years in education, NHA radically changed how I look at solutions. 

Junior Teacher/ Learning Resource Teacher

NHA has transformed our staff. We approach challenging situations with hope and confidence. We create clear boundaries for our students and students respond positively to the safe and predictable environment this creates. Best of all, students and staff communicate in ways that encourage connection and growth. Thank you, Carolyn, for your extraordinary coaching and support!

Junior Teacher