Creating a Connected Classroom

This online course with coaching is designed for educators who have completed Nurtured Heart Approach training and are ready to create a Nurtured Heart Classroom. Each session will include a coaching and learning component. Carolyn will lead this group on a guided journey to set up, teach and lead a Nurtured Heart classroom where everyone, including the students, will be using NHA. Prepare to transform your learning environment to a place of caring, connection and consequences.

You will learn how to:

  • Master the self-reset to increase your own confidence and soothe worries
  • Set the stage for introducing NHA to your class
  • Teach your students the approach and guide them in using it with each other
  • Guide your students on the reset journey
  • Use higher levels of NHA and combine it with other strength-based behavior supports
  • Address common pitfalls in NHA implementation with a specific focus on Stand 3
  • Skillfully use consequences in a new way that teaches accountability, increases trust, and restores relationships
  • Leave your classroom at the end of the day with hope, confidence and energy

Having a group to celebrate your super powers and share your challenges with will help you to feel confident, connected, supported and help you to be the super teacher you know you are. 

  • 7 month small group program 
  • Video Lessons with new skills and strategies to watch at your own pace
  • Monthly Zoom session plus a private Online group
  • Receive personalized coaching specific to your needs and challenges
  • Bring on your questions and challenges. There is always a solution. We will find it together!

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